Sohland’s Forest Theatre and Observatory

Twinkle, twinkle, little star – keep an eye on the skies at the Sohland an der Spree health resort


In Taubenheim, village of the sundials, you can experience the German saying “Do as sundials do, and count only the sunny hours” – though you can admire the artistic variety of these alternative timepieces even on a cloudy day.

With its technologically highly interesting telescopes, the observatory allows you to look far into the depths of space, leaving every visitor wide-eyed.

The reservoir in Sohland features a playground, gondola trips and peaceful walks, and can be used as a stop-off on the Spreeradweg cycle route following the Spree from its source to Berlin. Visitors always leave the restaurant and beer garden with a satisfied smile on their faces.

At the outdoor forest theatre in Sohland, above this marvellous recreational area, plays are staged from June to August – comedies and shows for children leave your sides aching and warm the cockles of your heart.

Strolling through the tiny, ancient streets of the village of Wehrsdorf, coming across one timber-framed Umgebindehaus after the next, inspires a delight in this outstanding example of the local architectural vernacular.

Taubenheim sundial trail: for guided tours, ring +49 (35936) 37710
Observatory: to visit, ring +49 (35936) 37270
Reservoir: for information, ring +49 (35936) 39821
Sohland forest theatre: programme at

For further information please see
ring +49 (35936) 39821