Tierpark Zittau

Pure furry fun!

Experience the animal world up close – that’s what awaits visitors to Tierpark Zittau, the adventure zoo at the spot where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet. Walk-in enclosures provide unusual encounters with their furry inhabitants. Watching coati cleverly balancing above visitors, monkeys swinging from branch to branch, porcupines munching on their brightly coloured meal eye to eye with you, harlequined lorises almost brushing visitors’ heads as they fly past, stags stalking across their path or, in the Australian enclosure, kangaroos taking a nap almost within arm’s reach, you really do feel in another world. On llama walks you can explore the lovely surroundings with a friendly four-legged baggage-carrier, or a ride on the wildlife park’s “ships of the desert” is unforgettable.

There are all kinds of places to spend your time at the idyllic park, from quiet spots to the many adventure playgrounds which attract more than just our younger visitors.

For groups of children, one special highlight is an overnight stay at the environmental education centre, surrounded by the sounds of the wildlife at night, with a campfire and all sorts of adventures.