Tier- und Kulturpark Bischofswerda

... for a beary enjoyable experience of nature

The zoo and cultural park of Bischofswerda is a small park, designed with love and a wonderful collection of old trees and resting areas.

Following our motto, we introduce animals in three different groups: bears, their habitat and coresidents; endangered local animals; and pets with a close contact to people. Visitors can discover about 200 animals of 60 different species and experience them 'with all senses'. Our team provides offers and projects for all ages.

There is a lot to discover. There is a bicycle point, a petting zoo, a slide for kids, and various opportunities to gain information about our zoo animals. From the 'bear café' you have a great view over the raccoons, ducks, and donkeys. The adventure stage with sub-terrain maze is popular not only with the kids.

Visit one of our numerous events and we promise great recreation in the middle of interesting animals.