Zoo Görlitz-Zgorzelec

Come face to face with porcupines, camels & co. at our zoo

The Zoo Görlitz aims at heartfelt, emotional experiences between humans and animals.

Everyone who has been here before knows: the Zoo Görlitz is something special!

Five hundred animals in over 100 species live in the beautiful five ha-sized park. The near-natural and lovingly designed exhibits include Europe's largest enclosures for European otters and for red pandas.
The Zoo Goerlitz considers heartfelt and emotional experiences between humans and animals, the conservation of threatened species and the encouragement of public interest in nature conservation its most important tasks. An adventure path, look-outs and a number of feeding sites at the "Lausitz valley" offer close views into the enclosure and at its inhabitants. Additional walk-in enclosures such as the Qishan exhibit open new perspectives for the visitors. At the Oberlausitz farm, you can brush goats and pigs, cuddle piglets or alpakas and grate carrots to feed the chicken fledglings.
A highlight is the only Tibetan village in Germany with authentically designed buildings and typical Tibetan animals. The explorer's barn and themed playgrounds such as the farm animal playground which won an award of the UNESCO, are not only fun but also promote playful engagement with subjects such as globalization and sustainability.