Culture Island of Einsiedel

Have true adventures without travelling half-way round the world

If you long for true adventures, you should visit the secret world of Turisedia, at Kulturinsel Einsiedel. This green-fringed adventure park is where explorers go in search of the long-lost Turisedian peoples. Secret tunnels, treehouses, climbable architecture, treetop paths, bizarre animals, wild water features and many other mystical corners make for a many-sided day. The spa complex with its heated baths and sauna is a very special experience. With lots of stoking, sweating and splashing, the bathwater is whisked and whirled until the fun can’t get any better for the Turisedians’ guests of all ages. The Bielawa Dolna Adventure Village has really blossomed. There is not only an “animal house share” but also a forest art gallery, the Seh-Café and the secret escape room, the Versteckum. The rediscovery of the laboratory of Count Welldone, the infamous researcher into Turisedia, revived memories of the history of the treasure trove hidden prior to 1945. In the secret Versteckum, anyone can try to solve the mystery, though they only have an hour to do so before they succumb to madness.